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1 x Side Firing Tip (SFT8-18)

The Side Firing Tip is a premium sapphire tip that will transform the management of peri-implantitis. The Waterlase Side Firing Tip is superior to traditional implant debribement methods, as it is ideal for safely anf effectively debribing implant threads.

The Side Firing Tip features a directional handle that allows the user to direct the energy output laterally opposite of where the handle is facing. When using the Side Firing Tip, the orientation of the tip handle should be opposite (180 degrees) the direction of the laser energy output.

The Side Firing Tip is used during the Implant Debribement step in the REPAIR Implant protocol.

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– Access to subgingival infected titanium surface and in-between threads, without opening a flap
– Effective at removing >98% of biofilm on the infected titanitm surface
– Does not damage titanium surface or significantly affect surface temperature
– Reusable, Sapphire Tip
– Fiber Diameter: 800 um
– Beam pattern: Side firing emission
– Tip Length: 18mm


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