Shape and Shine 08 Large Flame

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D-Fine Shape and Shine polishers feature 45 micron size diamond particles that can conservatively contour composite when additional pressure is applied.

During polishing, these diamond particles continuously breakdown, getting smaller in just seconds. The breakdown of microns creates submicrons which result in a high lustre, unrivalled finish on all hybrid and nanofilled composite materials. With SHAPE & SHINE, slight contouring and polishing adjustments can now be made easily.

D-Fine Shape and Shine Single Step Diamond Polishers are durable, provide between 6 to 10 uses per polisher, and can be autoclaved at 270ºF to 275ºF. Shape and Shine
Polishers are available in 6 shapes to facilitate all restorative requirements.


10 x Shape and Shine 08 Large Flame


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