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1 x 6ml Simplicity 2 resin adhesive

Simplicity is a no rinse bonding system that combines the etchant and primer application into one simple step. It allows for more predictable clinical results, it is less technique sensitive, without sacrificing shear bond strength. Because there is no need to rinse the etchant before primer application, Simplicity also saves time during the procedure. It is intended for use with all categories of resin composite materials. Simplicity is compatible will all methacrylate-based materials.

Simplicity is a two part self-etching resin adhesive system which is truly universal. The system consists of two bottles and meets all the requirements of adhesive dentistry.

There is no mixing required and application is simple, only taking about 30 seconds.

Simplicity etches, primes and conditions in two simple steps to give a desirable 8 micron resin layer. It can be used for the bonding od all direct and indirect restorations including crowns, veneers and porcelain inlays.onlays, as well as posts.

With bond strengths over 40 MPa to both dentine and enamel it is no wonder Simplicity is one of the highest rated self etch system on the market and is compatible with every composite and can be used in all procedures.

– Direct Restorations: to seal enamel / dentin prior to restoring with light- cure or self-cure composite materials
– Indirect Restorations: bonding light-cured, self-cured or dual-cured composite cements or glass ionomers or resin-modified glass ionomer cements
– Desensitisation: Hypersensitive and / or exposed root surfaces. Crown preparations
– Sealing preparations before placing amalgams
– Bonding crowns and bridges, post and cores and veneers
– Direct restoration
– Light-cured and self-cured composites
– Bonding posts, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
– Desensitising root surfaces


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