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2 x 50mL cartridges, instructions/SDS
with mixing tips

TEMPLATE CLEAR is water clear and provides excellent visibility throughout the fabrication process. Now you can visually verify if you have the right amount of provisional material for the case at hand, preventing voids or overfill situations that lead to more required chair time. TEMPLATE CLEAR has excellent flow properties, capturing the most precise morphology and is especially effective at creating defined margins and minimising flash.

TEMPLATE CLEAR is the very best matrix material for veneer temporaries. When used with a Clinician’s Choice clear, non perforated impression tray, you have a matrix with a window effect for the ultimate in clarity. This allows you to add more material to prevent voids plus easy light curing directly through the matrix.

You can use Template clear in the anterior and posterior sections, for one or multiple restorations. No other material is better for the occlusal matrix technique for direct posterior composite restorations.


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