Ultrapro TX Prophy Paste Mint Fine

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200 x 2oz Fine grit, Cool Mint unit dose cups

Ultrapro TX Prophy Paste Mint Fine contains potassium nitrate and fluoride and is supplied in easy to use 2oz containers.

There are three ranges of the paste: coarse, medium and fine

Ultrapro TX Prophy Paste has a splatter-free formula that rinses off easily and completely.

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– Colour coded for easy identification
– Four great flavours: Mint, Bubblegum, Walterberry & Orange Dreamsicle
– Contains potassium nitrate and fluoride
– Splatter-free formula
– Rinses easily and completely to eliminate residual grittiness
– Gluten free

Hints & Tips

  • How much potassium nitrate and fluoride is added to Ultrapro Tx prophy pastes?
    Ultrapro Tx prophy pastes contain 1.23% fluoride ion and 5% potassium nitrate.
  • Are any of your prophy paste flavors dye free?
    Yes. Our Bubble Gum flavor doesn’t contain any dyes.


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