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1 x Waterlase Express
1 x Samsung Tablet
2 x Gold Handpieces
3 x Pairs of protective Eyewear
1 x Tip Inspection Kit
5 x Disposable Tips

The Waterlase express is the all-tissue laser that will change the way you practice dentistry.

Waterlase Express has the power to solve dental problems beyond expectation.

The versatile and gentle combination of laser energy and water has the power to relieve dental anxiety at the source, for you, your team, and your patients. The countertop all-tissue laser features a miniaturised laser engine that is 50% smaller than the Waterlase iPlus, offering the benefits of all-tissue laser technology in a way that is compact, simple and easy to use.

Waterlase Express is the only laser to feature an in-depth, step-by-step, 4K HD animation for every step of every procedure. No matter your level of expertise, from beginner to advanced user, the Waterlase Express animation library is a dazzling, informative training resource.

Every day, dentists encounter numerous clinical and professional challenges that require fast thinking and quick action, and access to tools and solutions that can help resolve the situation. Waterlase Express has the capability to quickly trim soft tissue, control bleeding, remove interproximal decay without a drill, fine tune an impression, debride an implant and many other clinical applications. But it also has the ability to increase your practice value and give you an edge in attracting new patients.

Waterlase Express is sleek and small and can easily be added into operatories worldwide. Waterlase Express has the smallest footprint ever for an All-Tissue Laser, and it works well as a countertop unit. Optional carts and a durable travel case are available. Moving the Waterlase Express all-tissue laser from operatory to operatory or even office to office can become a reality with optional carts and travel accessories.

Laser console – 11x19x33 in (28x48x84 cm)
Weight – 27 lbs
Operating voltage – 100-240 VAC
Frequency – 50/60 Hz
Current rating – 6A/3A
Water type – Distilled or de-ionised only
External air source- 60-120 psi (4.1-8.2 bar)
Laser classification Class – IV (4)
Medium – Er,Cr:YSGG
Wavelength – 2.78 µm (2780nm)
Mode – Free-running pulsed
Average Power – 0.1-4.0W
Pulse Energy – 0-250 mJ
Fiber/Tip Diameter – 200 – 1200 µm
NOHD – 5 cm


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