Waterlase iPlus Racing Red

Waterlase iPlus Racing Red

For your patient’s comfort and your professional growth.

Let the Waterlase iPlus transform your attitude to what can be achieved in practice.

Enabling the precise treatment of soft and hard tissue, the Waterlase cuts, etches and shapes tissues without heat, vibration or pressure and with less bleeding than traditional methods.

Waterlase iPlus has an intuitive graphic user interface that features 56 pre-set procedures for select-and-go treatment. With more clearances and indications than any other dental laser for easy daily use. It has a light, flexible trunk fiber to decrease resistance and treatment fatigue. Redesigned optic efficiently delivers laser energy to cut enamel, dentin, and bone with increased precision.


1 x Waterlase iPlus ErCr;YSGG laser
1 x Tip starter Kit
1 x Tip Cleaning Kit
1 x Gold handpiece
1 x Turbo handpiece
3 x Pairs of protective eyewear

– Over 80 different indications for soft tissue, hard tissue and bone.
– Intuitive graphic user interface with 56 preset procedures.
– Inbuilt housing for the iLase diode laser.
– Light and flexible SureFire trunk fibre ensures minimal resistance and treatment fatigue.
– Available in 14 different colours and child-friendly designs.
– H MODE – 60 microseconds – a cooler mode for cutting enamel and all other applications.
– S MODE – 700 microseconds – a hotter mode for coagulation.
– Take ultimate control of the Hertz frequency with a dial to adjust the settings from 5-100Hz.

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