Zircules 25ml Opaque White

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1 x 25ml Catridge Zircules Opaque White
Zircules is a zirconia nano-filled dual cured composite core material which can be used for dentine replacement build ups and core build ups with or without posts.

Scanning available core materials, you think there is a lot of choice, but not all core materials perform equally in every situation. Some core materials claim to be dual-cure but they actually loose significant strength if they are not light-cured. In restorations where the curing light depth of penetration is limited, strength may be compromised.

Zircules is different from other core materials. The chemistry maintains high strength regardless of whether it is used in a dual-cure or self-cure technique. Some core materials lose significant strength if they are not light-cured, so in situations where curing light penetration is limited, you can be confident that the cores you build with ZIRCULES will remain strong.

Its ideal flow consistency is excellent for any core build-up, simple or complex. When you are cementing a post and then building the core, it flows easily into the post space, yet it is stackable so that you can build a sufficient amount of core material without the material slumping.

The Zirconium nano-filler gives ZIRCULES significant benefits over other core materials, including higher radiopacity and improved hardness. Once polymerised, ZIRCULES cuts beautifully, just like dentin. The resulting transition from core material to natural tooth is
smooth and free from gouging. You will even find that with ZIRCULES, refining
the margins is easier, faster, more precise and more accurate.

It is available in two aesthetic shades (A2, A3), as well as White Opaque and Blue. The benefit of the contrast shades (White Opaque, or Blue) is that it is easily identified at the
junction between the tooth and the core material as the margin preparation is always required on tooth structure.


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