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G5 is ideal for use with total-etch adhesive systems to help prevent post-opertive sensitivity

G5 is an aqueous, 5% glutaraldehyde-based desensitiser with 35% HEMA (a pre-primer resin) designed for use with 4th and 5th Generation adhesives.

G5 works by coagulating the plasma proteins contained within the dentinal tubule fluid. This coagulation forms an initial plug eliminating the movement of fluid within the tubules, the root cause for sensitivity.

In clinical studies, gluteraldehyde has consistently been shown to decrease sensitivity on hypersensitive teeth without affecting bond strength between treated surfaces and controls. Gluteraldehyde has shown little or no effect on retention on crowns luted with zinc phosphate, glass ionomer and resin-modified glass ionomer cements and is one of the few desensitisers that will not affect bond strengths of resin cement to dentine. Gluteraldehyde has an anti-bacterial effect, protecting the tooth/restoration surfaces from bacteria growth and may prevent secondary caries in cases where micro-leakage has occurred. Additionally, G5 sealing effect means you will experience gap free margins.

Because self-etch adhesives create a smear layer that blocks the dentinal tubules and G5 from entering them, they are not recommended for use with this product. Additionally, G5 is not recommended for use with self-etching cement adhesives. Eliminate post-operative sensitivity in posterior composite restorations.
Eradicate sensitivity under temporary crowns & bridges.
Desensitise roots

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