White Dental Beauty Bundle Digital Impression Form

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Your White Dental Beauty Bundle entitles you to 1 kit of White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels and 1 set of upper and lower trays by Labline. To purchase a Bundle please call +44(0) 1943 60 50 50.

To redeem your trays, complete the form below, including all details and your Bundle Custom Code, which has been emailed to you. Your trays will then be returned to you in approximately 7 working days from receipt.

Please note that you can only use your Bundle Custom Code once and that trays are provided without reservoirs or scalloping.


1. This custom made device is for the exclusive use of the patient named above and conforms to the relevant essential requirements set out in Annex 1 of the Medical Devices Directive (93.42.EEC).

2. Any relevant essential requirements that have not been met will be listed with a description of the reason.

3. All goods are supplied in a non-sterile condition unless otherwise stated and should not be subjected to extremes of hot or cold.

MDA Registration No. 3575

DAMAS Reg No. 040111