LM Arte StyleItaliano Instruments

Working in close partnership with Optident, our key opinion leaders StyleItaliano are committed to constantly evolving and executing new clinical developments in line with the #whiteology vision.

At the heart of this approach, are world class products; focused on minimally invasive, simple and repeatable techniques.

Developed in co-operation with StyleItaliano, LM-Arte instruments contain a set of innovative instruments designed for aesthetic restorations, especially for composite layering.

From modelling fissures to sculpting; finding the right LM-Arte instrument to meet your needs is simple and easy, as every LM instrument is coded with a colour and a name corresponding to its main function.

Regardless of the instrument you select, with LM-Arte Instruments you can expect a very sharp tip, crafted from exceptional DuraGrade Max steel with an exceptional non-stick polish.

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