Arte Solo Anterior ErgoSense LM 431-433ES

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StyleItaliano Direct Workflow


1 x Arte Solo Anterior ErgoSense LM 431-433ES

For direct veneering.

The Arte Solo Anterior ErgoSense LM 431-433ES is the instrument choice for daily cases and is designed for esthetic anterior restorations. The rounded and straight spatulas is for modeling anterior teeth, especially the labial surfaces.

LM Arte Solo simplifies everything, from modeling, to the ergonomy and finally the higiene of having almost nothing on the tray as it replaces all instruments for anterior restorations, especially for your daily cases.

This instrument exists for you to simplify your needs, and use intuitively. The all purpose instrument of choice with no complications.

You can achieve any high end anterior restoration with this instrument. And by using other instruments, it gives you the possibility to add your own touch. As you are an artist, you should not forget other instruments. each case is unique, your patients are individual, complexity is in the corner.

The LM Arte instruments have been developed in co-operation with StyleItaliano, a group of passionate dentists specialised in aesthetic restorative dentistry under the #whiteology field of study.

The instruments are made of high-quality LM-DuraGradeMax supersteel with exceptional polish and the classic ergonomic handle design, functions well in all clinical procedures and guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity.

The ErgoSense handle has a larger diameter and design provide sensational grip that has been proven to be ergonomic and efficient in scientific clinical testing. Uniquely intelligent handle with the option for RFID tagging.

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