Mobile Dental Photography - a genuine alternative to DSLR

– Oliver Harman

Fantastic course with a wonderful presenter!

– Eimear O'Connell

I feel more confident taking pictures, and can't wait to take more!

– Anna Middleton

Excellent course showing every aspect of how to maximise mobile dental photography

– Elaine Halley

Faye is a very experienced and interesting person, great at delivering the Guided Biofilm Therapy sessions! Really enjoyed listening and being part of this training course - can't wait to put it all into practice! Thank you!

– Emma Rose

Very informative [this course] has helped me change my way of treating patients. Just the support I needed. Thank you!

– Antonia Darwin

I would absolutely recommend this course. I am expecting it to transform my working practice.

– Jo Jarvis

Faye is passionate about her subject and an inspiration. Really enjoyed today.

– Heather Lewis

Fantastic course, would highly recommend for anyone ready to start their GBT journey

– Penny McLatchre

Great speaker - very passionate about guided biofilm therapy, motivating and supportive

– Katharine Moulton

Jolene is always a pleasure to listen to - I always learn something new

– Ann Greig

Very informative and Faye's passion is contagious!

– Lindsay Allen