“At the Berkeley Clinic, we took the decision to invest in a Waterlase for several reasons. The diversity of its applications was a huge appeal and the fact that it can be used by dentists and therapists alike makes it a great investment in our business and our clinicians. It has already had a massively positive impact on our patients clinical outcomes. Optident have been exemplary in their support and training and we feel very well supported knowing that they are with us on this new Waterlase journey.”

– Grieg McLean

I love it! The 3mm markings are easy to see and makes measuring quick and easy. The probe is much easier to place in the pocket than a metal probe. I think this makes for more accurate measuring. I would like to continue to use these probes for implants.

– Dr Amit Patel

Bite registrations need to be trimmed to obtain an accurate mounting. Nothing trims cleaner, and without tearing the bite record than Futar D Fast.

– Dr. Mac Jones

I used Impregum for 25 plus years, and thought I would never change. I tried and now I’ve been using Kettenbach’s Identium for the last 18 months. I couldn’t be happier... The ease of use and predictable results has made me a believer in their materials.

– Dr. David Schwarting

None of my temporary restorations fractured or had chippings during wearing. Excellent product!

– Dr. med. dent. Hilger

Because it's truly hydrophilic, Panasil has been a game-changer for me. If there is unanticipated moisture/saliva/blood, it still captures all of my margins. This lowers the stress in my practice. I have a multi-doctor practice and everybody loves Kettenbach's products.

– Dr. Wendy Crisafulli

“Visalys Core flows well but does not run, and cuts like dentin.”

– Dr. Steven Rhee

Silginat is less messy than alignate. Silginat can be poured several times and it is much easier to use than alignate.

– Dr. Thomas Krull

My Haller Klammers are an essential 'Get Out Of Jail Free’ option in my armoury. For rubber dam retraction and accessing distal units in the arch or sextant, or holding a saliva ejector in place for tongue retraction, they help me ensure a moisture-free field in even the most awkward situations and smallest mouths. Now that I have them, I couldn’t work with out them.

– Zak Kara

I'm really impressed with the Kaps Microscope. Great design, smooth movement and excellent Optics. Highly recommended.

– Dipti Mehta Specialist Endodontist

"Valo is a fantastic piece of equipment. Clinicians no longer have to choose between normal output, high intensity output or the power of a PAC light because Valo offers all three in one lightweight, compact, durable unit. Valo's ability to produce the greatest amount of energy at distances up to 10mm from the tooth is just amazing. I have been using the light for some time and would not want to be without it."

– Dr John Kanca

" Smile lite is a must have. Its easy to use, light weight and ensures I can acheive consistence lighting conditions for shade taking"

– Dr Dev Patel – Dental Beauty Swanley