Great course given by a true 'laser master'. Learned a lot. Thank you.

– Diyari Abdah

Brilliant Course, Faye is very motivational.. Makes me want to change the way I practice dental hygiene,

– Zainab Zamir

This course has changed my life! The holy grail of hygiene...I cannot wait to start with GBT and knowing I am doing the absolute best for my patients!

– Kelsey Clark

I'm really impressed with the Kaps Microscope. Great design, smooth movement and excellent Optics. Highly recommended.

– Dipti Mehta Specialist Endodontist

"Valo is a fantastic piece of equipment. Clinicians no longer have to choose between normal output, high intensity output or the power of a PAC light because Valo offers all three in one lightweight, compact, durable unit. Valo's ability to produce the greatest amount of energy at distances up to 10mm from the tooth is just amazing. I have been using the light for some time and would not want to be without it."

– Dr John Kanca

" Smile lite is a must have. Its easy to use, light weight and ensures I can acheive consistence lighting conditions for shade taking"

– Dr Dev Patel – Dental Beauty Swanley

The Vanini Masterclass is more than just a composite course, it will truly change the way you see and treat anterior aesthetic restorations. Lorenzo will give you everything you need to progress further, do more and produce truly beautiful results. I have had my eyes opened as to what can be achieved with composite and it is staggering. You will also be wined and dined beyond belief by the amazing Optident team, everything you need will be provided, from 4/5 course meals, a seemingly unlimited supply of drinks and late night tours of the lake. This is all combined with possibly the most beautiful surroundings imaginable, unmatched by any course I’ve been on and likely will ever go on. This experience is a must for anyone who wants to take his or her anterior aesthetic restorations to the next level.

– Jamie Nelson

The Vanini course was my first ever proper course after graduation. Unfortunately for me it sets the bar so high that I am unlikely to enjoy future courses for anything as much!
The course content is excellent, I can say I have actually changed the way I do anterior composite restorations. The course has a hands on aspect so it really helps cement in the theory that you learn over the two days.
The location and setting is obviously beautiful and the Optident team really make you feel like you're on a lovely break during the evenings and drives through the Italian mountains to the surgery!
It's an excellent course with the "Master" of composites in a stunning location with the friendliest team I have ever encountered, would go again!

– Dr Nadia Kazmi

Just wanted to say thank you to Optident for my new Univet limited edition loupes ... I am very excited to use them in practice

– Harmeet Bahi

I have always used Univet loupes from Optident because they are a leading brand where quality is undeniable, comfort is personally tailored and importantly, value for money is excellent across the product range. I have recommended these loupes to many of my peers and they have all given excellent feedback.

– Dr Laura Warburton

I don’t think there are better composite instruments in the marketplace. The new XP instruments by American Eagle have taken it to a new level.

– Dr. Ron Jackson

I wanted to let you know how much I love the new XP American Eagle instruments. I have been practicing dental hygiene for twenty five years and XP technology is the best I have ever used. I have always hated to sharpen instruments, mainly because of finding the time to do it. Now, I never have to worry because my instruments are always sharp! I have a mirror , explorer, probe and two XP instruments in my packs and that is all I need. My posterior and anterior XP scalers are all I need for any area in the mouth. Thank you Angie and American Eagle, goodbye sharpening stone!

– Pam Hawkins