Faye is probably the most engaging speaker I have heard ever!

– Kath Foster

Great experience learning from Dr Vanini, very thorough and inspiring presentations, a lot of one to one advice, detailed explanations of protocols. Looking forward to putting this into practice. Also thank you to the amazing Optident team who went out of their way during the whole trip.

– Sophia Rye

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and would recommend anyone looking to improve their aesthetic knowledge to not hesitate and attend! Brilliant!

– Christian Guenin

Had a fantastic time with the Optident team, great hands on experience with Vanini seeing his amazing composite skills.

– Luke Ranson

Excellent location, reps all very helpful and very friendly. Learnt a lot from the course but also incredibly fun and very well organised. Course detailed and well focused - I learnt skills I can put into practice straight away!

– Amy Roberts

Thank you so much for an extremely well run and organised course, full of great lectures, great days and evenings activities and a lovely team!

– Rohan Verma

Excellent course. Vanini is a master and teaches gold standard dentistry. Thank you for such a brilliant weekend.

– Thomas Gill

I am so glad that I have finally attended this course, it is everything I expected it to be. From meeting great staff and like-minded colleagues, fun nights to world class lectures to Lorenzo Vanini himself - I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering coming along.

– Shin Kim

The course will change the way you work - it's the future of perio treatments!

– Barbara Swan

The product I could not live without is the Choice2 Veneer Cement, it has a viscosity that makes placement so easy and a colour match that is unsurpassed on the market, and believe me I've tried lots of them. It has a great bond strength too, with Choice Cement I never get a de-bond. It makes my working days go smoothly*

– Lance Knight BDS

A very engaging and interesting meeting. Completely changing my way of hinting a future treatment planning. It's not just stain removal.

– Collette Chapman

An excellent course that covered the whole Guided Biofilm ethos. Can't wait to use it in practice.

– Kelly Walker