I have always used Univet loupes from Optident because they are a leading brand where quality is undeniable, comfort is personally tailored and importantly, value for money is excellent across the product range. I have recommended these loupes to many of my peers and they have all given excellent feedback.

– Dr Laura Warburton

I don’t think there are better composite instruments in the marketplace. The new XP instruments by American Eagle have taken it to a new level.

– Dr. Ron Jackson

I wanted to let you know how much I love the new XP American Eagle instruments. I have been practicing dental hygiene for twenty five years and XP technology is the best I have ever used. I have always hated to sharpen instruments, mainly because of finding the time to do it. Now, I never have to worry because my instruments are always sharp! I have a mirror , explorer, probe and two XP instruments in my packs and that is all I need. My posterior and anterior XP scalers are all I need for any area in the mouth. Thank you Angie and American Eagle, goodbye sharpening stone!

– Pam Hawkins

I love my golden tip XP instruments. I need to buy several more. There are two hygienists in my office and like I said they sharpen their instruments differently than I do. I tried to get them different stones with a template so that the instruments would be the same shape as they had started.
On the Monday’s I work, I have to use the other instruments in-between sterilization processes. Ugh by the second time I was dreading having to use a non-XP instrument.

– Rhonda P. Kublickis

I will admit to being a harsh critic of dental products, and I have to say, without any hesitation, the XP instruments are absolutely the best instruments I’ve ever used. Everything from the light weight, non-slip handle, to the sharpest blade I’ve ever come across, made the appointment with my patient faster and more efficient. The XP instruments removed even the smallest pieces of plaque from hard-to-reach areas on the teeth, so I have no doubt I was providing the highest quality of instrumentation for my patient.
You’ve made and believer in me of XP technology and I will be happy to spread the word about your fabulous products!

– Julie Seager

I´ve been an American Eagle instruments user since 1998, when I got tired of the poor performance of the Hu-Friedy curettes. I haven´t touched a curette from Hu Friedy since then. I think that American Eagle was and is the leading brand in hygiene instruments. I love the Eagle.lite handles, I especially like the blade sharpness, even with the normal curettes, they last far longer than any other curette I ever tried.

– Allan Smelt

The new American Eagle XP Scandette is the best NEW universal instrument I have tried in years. It's similar to an 11/12 Gracey, but is sharp on both sides of the blade. The addition of XP means
it never needs sharpening! It can be used easily on every tooth, both posterior and anterior, and all surfaces. With the long shank, it's great for deep pockets. Most universal instruments do not reach deep pocket depths, so this one is a 'must have' addition to every set-up.

– Renee Marchant-Turner

Since using to the XP Technology instruments we have missed out on the costly replacement and mundane daily task of sharpening instruments. Instead, we focus solely on patient care and productivity.

– David B. Duke

I think when you have a fine tipped instrument that slips in to any crowded area, such as the "Nebraska" added to it an extremely sharp cutting edge, it allows us to access & easily remove tartar in every area possible. I can tell a huge difference between Hue Friedy and XPs. The difference is night and day, especially for scaling and root planing! Every friend of mine going through hygiene boards, I tell them XPs are a must!

– Emily Ruscoe

I love how American Eagle is going green with Quik-Tips! The cost savings are incredible. They are simple to reassemble and affordable plus they stay sharp the longest of any instrument I have had! I love how you can make your dental set up completely unique with XP Technology…what a perfect instrument!

– Heidi Halverson

The American Eagle Scandette instrument is a Hygienist's DREAM instrument. The dual working edge allows for ease of access to almost any surface!

– Linda Millard

I wanted to let you know how much I love the new XP American Eagle instruments. I have been practicing dental hygiene for twenty-five years and XP Technology is the best I have ever used. Now I never have to worry because my instruments are always sharp!

– Pam H