In 2003, they founded their first dental clinic from scratch, with the vision to transform dental visits into a pleasant experience, fearless and pain-free. Their clinics grew quickly and became one of the leading dental groups in the world. The founders won several international awards including awards for their groundbreaking technology, which they used to eliminate initial tooth decay without using a drill. This technology is now widely accepted by professionals. After the success of this technology in their clinics, they decided to make this revolutionary technology accessible to everyone by integrating it into their vVARDIS daily oral care and whitening regimen.

vVARDIS’ mission is to create unique daily oral care for use at home, for a long-lasting, healthy, white smile and a drill-free life for future generations. Everything is made in Switzerland, backed by science, and is vegan, clean and sustainable. This globally patented technology revolutionises dentistry and oral care. It is as if you had a face cream that instantly eliminated wrinkles or a hair shampoo that restored grey hair to the colour it used to be.

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