As one of the global leaders in surgical magnification, Univet are fast becoming the brand of choice for dental professionals worldwide.

Recognised for innovation, style, safety and precision; Univet offer a wide selection of dental loupes, safety glasses, face shields and headlights.

Famous for their distinctive character, exclusive style, fit and superior optics, Univet dental loupes offer extraordinary visual comfort for all users.

Univet technology takes form in unique optical systems that achieves superior performance in terms of field of vision and depth of field. The Galilean and Prismatic loupe TTLs are engineered to combine improved image quality with unparalleled brightness and definition.

Customise your loupes and choose from a wide range of frames including the Ash, Techne, Technie RX, One, ITA and the Black Edition.

Learn more about dental loupes and lighting by booking a free loupes consultation.

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