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A High Performance Headlight with intensity and ultra definition


1 x EOS Wireless
2 x Batteries
1 xBattery charger
1 xUniversal magnetic adapter
1 xUV 525 nm composite filter

The EOS Wireless the new illuminator that is equipped with Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology, which works on both sides, allows you to control the device without touch to improve hygiene.

The EOS Wireless has no cables, a lightweight body combined with a powerful light and a long lasting battery.

The lithium-ion battery gives EOS Wireless a battery life of 140 minutes. Thanks to the supplied spare battery and a charging time of only 90 minutes, you will never run out of power.

All Univet headlight solutions are tested for the danger of photobiological impact from prolonged exposure to blue light emitted by the LED source. These measurements are performed in accordance with the international standard IEC 62471:2006 which specifies exposure limits without adverse health effects.

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– Advanced Hand Gesture Recognition technology
– Blue light compliant
– Color temperature: 5700 K
– Brightness: 38000 lux
– Battery life: 140 min
– Headlight weight: 36
– Working distance 35(cm)
– 7.5 Ø (cm)
– 4cm in length
– lux 38000

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Hints & Tips

  • When the light's battery is running low, does it dim and fade gradually or cut out suddenly?

    It cuts suddenly, as it should be. There is a signal (a red dot) on the battery that tells you you are running out of battery.

  • How many recharge cycles realistically expected of a battery before it needs replacing?

    After 600 full charging cycles (it means battery fully discharged and fully charged) the residual capacity is still 80%, then it decreases but the capacity is strongly dependent on the environment temperature and can't be perfectly predicted.

  • What is the warranty on the EOS Wireless and all comonents (including battery)?

    1 Year

  • What is the life span for the head light and charging power supply?

    Typical 20'000 full working hours for the head light and 15'000 full working hours for the charging power supply. This under "ideal" conditions.