Finding the right solution for your dental education can be both challenging and rewarding. At Optident, we are proud of our commitment to education, and have been an industry leader in dental education for over 30 years. Whether abroad or in the UK, our varied courses combine education with fun-filled social experiences.

Peter Cummings will provide an insightful view into dental market trends from 2021, what this means for 2022 and how practice owners can use this information to analyse their practice position and determine when the best time to sell would be.

Following Part I, Part II will help clinicians understand difficult direct restorations, such as Class IVs and Class IIIs, in order to treat them more efficiently. The optical phenomena of light interaction between the margin of dental enamel and composite will be thoroughly explained, allowing clinicians to prevent and treat the dreaded glass effect among other problems usually faced in that region.

20220908 – 09/08/2022 – Dominic Hassall Training Institute - Solilhull

Bioclear Method Composite Posterior Course L2 & L4 RESIDENTIAL

This course provides a new pathway for dentists to transition from GV Black dentistry, to the extraordinary world of modern composite dentistry using the Bioclear Method. Taking place at the Dominic Hassall training institute located in Solihull from 9th and 10th September, this course also provides Level 2 & Level 4 certification.

CPD: 14 Hours