As a dental professional you will no doubt be familiar with many areas of study: implantology, cariology, periodontology – but what about #WHITEOLOGY?

#WHITEOLOGY is defined as:

“The study of beautiful and healthy smiles, divided into many specialised fields; anatomy,  aesthetics, expression, confidence and wellbeing”

Designed to help restore healthy smiles in every day practice, #WHITEOLOGY satisfies the increasing patient demand for whiter smiles with predictable, repeatable smile enhancing treatments.

Using a combination of professional tooth whitening and composite specifically designed for bleached or naturally white teeth, #WHITEOLOGY uses a minimally invasive approach to affordable and predictable smile design.

White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels and Professional CompoSite Systems combine to create #WHITEOLOGY allowing you to bleach and restore the White Dental Beauty way.

To demonstrate how to restore healthy smiles in everyday practice, StyleItaliano have developed the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow, which uses a combination of world class products, practical methods and dedicated learning programmes to deliver 9 stages of dentistry that helps dentists worldwide deliver minimally invasive, predictable and repeatable results for every patient.

#WHITEOLOGY sits at the heart of the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow, where a combination of the White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels and Professional CompoSite Systems are used to whiten and restore, stages 2 and 7 of the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow.

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StyleItaliano The Direct Workflow

The #WHITEOLOGY approach is built on White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels and Professional CompoSite Systems.

White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels were developed with results in mind whilst offering effective sensitivity management. All White Dental Beauty tooth whitening gels contain NOVON which produces a “pH jump” that enhances the release of perhydroxyl ions for a faster whitening effect. With four strengths available, dentists can cater to patients with higher sensitivity whilst also producing great results.

White Dental Beauty Professional CompoSite Systems is an advanced yet simple to use system. It features smart hybrid and intelligent flowable composites, backed by the invaluable teaching methods of StyleItaliano. The White Dental Beauty CompoSite Kit includes 5 specifically selected dentine shades (Si 0, 0.5, 1, 2 & 3), 1 enamel (Si E), 1 posterior (Si P) and 2 flowable shades (Si M, Si MP) which can save you both time and money by streamlining the restorative process.

The White Dental Beauty product range has been accredited and recommended by StyleItaliano who have helped develop this new approach to modern dentistry.


White Dental Beauty and StyleItaliano have combined to deliver specific education that covers the #WHITEOLOGY approach and the StyleItaliano Direct Workflow.

Working in close partnership with Optident, StyleItaliano leaders Prof Louis Hardan, Dr Walter Devoto and Dr Monaldo Saracinelli are the key dental leaders forming a dedicated team for teaching #WHITEOLOGY worldwide.

Dedicated to feasible, teachable and repeatable dentistry; StyleItaliano are more than a group of dentists or a technique. Combined, StyleItaliano is an ‘ideas factory’, a philosophy, an education project, and a Facebook community with over 200,000 followers.

Ensure you don’t miss out on learning the #WHITEOLOGY approach by exploring the #WHITEOLOGY courses page.