About Us


As a team of motivated people who are forward thinking, driven and dedicated to bringing innovation to the dental industry, Optident believe in offering our customers much more than a product. We believe in offering solutions, adding value and delivering great insight into the world of dentistry.

We do this because we are passionate, we love being busy and we enjoy working in partnership with the most amazing people around the world

We are hugely instrumental in the development of restorative materials for minimally invasive dentistry, evolving & executing new techniques with Key Opinion Leaders.

We are renowned for our excellent quality teeth whitening gels. Having initiated the tooth whitening market in the UK in the early 1990’s, with Opalescence from Ultradent ‘The Gold Standard’, we have also since create a patented formula in White Dental Beauty NOVON® accredited by the Style Italiano group and available globally. Our attention to detail is far reaching across the broad range of packaging and promotional marketing materials we offer.

Prevention is better than the cure

Preventative dentistry is a key focus across the industry; for many years we have increased awareness by educating clinicians on EMS AirFlow technology for stain removal, prophylaxis and biofilm removal. This guided biofilm therapy is clinically proven and has a wealth of research data to back it up. Our goal is to help prevent periodontal disease and increase patient understanding.

Ultimately, our job is to provide you with the best materials and tools for the job, so you can provide the best possible care for your patients. We believe that a good pair of Dental Loupes & Lighting is the best gift you can buy yourself when becoming a dentist, that’s why we support dental students and FD’s with special pricing on Univet Loupes for a brighter future.

Optident Educational Courses, Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Join the Optident Elite and rediscover your passion for dentistry. Absorb invaluable techniques from world leading clinicians, enjoy fun-filled social experiences with our spirited and knowledgeable team and form lifelong friendships. We may not be here for a long time, but we should be here for a good time. #lovewhatyoudo

Experience and Knowledge

In 2016, we calculated the amount of dental experience in the Optident team and it totalled a whopping 543 years...
We've crammed a lot of learning into those years, so if there's anything you need to know about dentistry in the last three decades, I am sure one of us has the answer!