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Dental Loupes

For dental and medical professionals, best practice requires creating the correct levels of magnification and the optimum lighting environments for clinical procedures.

Dental and medical treatments demand a high level of concentration and can be exhausting, especially on the eyes. Reduced vision and insufficient lighting can result in high levels of fatigue and can compromise working posture. Optident’s extensive range of loupes and lighting provide solutions for everyone, reducing back and neck strain, making life easier on the eyes.

Univet Loupes Range






Magnification is not just for people with deteriorating eyesight! Loupes and Microscopes allow you to see much more detail enabling you to observe and treat cases that you may not have been able to see with the naked eye.

We work with some of the highest quality manufacturers such as Kaps, Univet and Optilume.

Each pair of dental loupes are custom made to the measurements of the wearer, including interpupiliar distance, width of the face, height of the pupils and the length of the ear pieces. This ensures they are the most comfortable fit with optimum performance, working distance and field of vision. Some loupes are available in Galilean TTL (through the lens), Flip-up, Prismatic and prism enhanced.

Dental loupes can also look good. With the designs from Univet the Ash and the Techne frames are stylish as well as functional. Kaps microscopes offer the very highest level of magnification perfect for restorative and endodontic dental procedures.

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Univet Loupes - Optident

Optident – The Loupes Experts

With the advancement in materials, technology and patient expectation, the demand for microscopy within all aspects of dentistry is rising sharply and loupes are becoming smaller, lighter and more comfortable. Today, the practice of using a microscope or wearing loupes during all dental procedures, regardless of which brand of dentistry the clinician hails from, is becoming so widespread that it is almost part of the expected standard of basic care.

Optident has extensively researched the market bringing you a range of magnification and illumination to suit every clinical requirement and all budgets. Working with established European medical companies such as Kaps and Univet, we offer a high quality, functional and stylish selection of microscopes and loupes for everyone.

It is important when selecting the right microscope or loupes that you consider ergonomics, weight, comfort, style and optics as well as function. Every dentist is unique, which is why we take time to visit your practice to discuss the specification of microscope that would suit you best and to advise on the optimum positioning of your microscope whether it is to be wall or ceiling mounted or on a floor stand.

Univet Loupes

All parameters such as interpupillary distance, declination angle and working distance are unique to each professional. Univet accurately combines these variables in the creation of binoculars for every single customer to ensure that each pair of dental loupes are totally customized as your eyes are unique.

Univet loupes can have multiple adjustments and are easy to use for a universal and intuitive product. Loupes that provide precision and comfort to any wearer.

Greater precision, accuracy during treatments and observing details that are not visible to the naked eye can help your operations. Upgrade your quality of work by improving professionalism and customer service with more effective operations using Univet loupes.

With a strong focus on ergonomics, Univet loupes provide postural relief of pain in the muscles and spine, to work in total comfort in your dental practice.

Dental Advisor rates Univet Loupes 91% out of 100% when evaluated by 5 different consultants with a total of 208 uses and compared to other competitive products, Univet Loupes performed 85% better.

Loupes on a dentist - Optident

Health Benefits from Dental Loupes

Dental and medical treatments require a high level of concentration and can be exhausting, especially on the eyes. Poor vision and insufficient lighting can result in faster fatigue and can compromise working posture. Optident’s extensive range of microscopes, loupes and lighting provide solutions for everyone, helping to reduce back and neck strain and making life easier on the eyes.

Magnification is not just for people whose eyesight is deteriorating. Microscopes and loupes allow you to see much more detail enabling you to treat cases that you may not have been able to see with the naked eye. Kaps Microscopes’ inclinable head, vario objective lens and lateral rotation device ensures that the dentist feels as comfortable with the last patient as they did with the first.

Loupes Posture - Optident
Loupes Posture Image - Optident
Correct Posture for Loupes - Optident

POV Loupe Illumination

Conventional lighting for magnification and clinical procedures has been proven to be compromised for accurate colour perception and intensity. Many LED’s used in medical and dental procedures experience variances in colour temperature and can have excessive heat output. Using one of the Optilume loupe illumination systems will increase your depth of vision, reduce eye fatigue and provide optimum freedom of movement correcting your working posture.

Exhibiting daylight colour values and a uniform defined spot POV DEFINE creates the optimum LED output. The unique integrated cooling system (ICS) prolongs LED life and enables POV DEFINE to be worn comfortably all day long.  The POV DEFINE Battery Pack can help extend chair time and provide you more time to provide great care to patients.

Univet is specialised in the design and manufacture of industrial, medical, and laser safety eye wear together with magnification systems devised for the surgical and dental sector. Univet is the only company in the world that can offer complete lines of magnification systems and safety eye wear in so many diversified sectors: the interaction between these sectors facilitates the development of products characterised by innovative and original solutions.


Optident have supplied Univet for over 10 years, working to provide the best service combined with high quality dental loupes that can provide real benefits to dentists: from student dentists to dentists wanting an upgrade.

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