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1 x LM-Arte Applica
1 x LM-Arte Condensa
1 x LM-Arte Fissura
1 x LM-Arte Misura
1 x LM-Arte Eccesso
1 x LM-Servo 5 cassette

The LM-Arte Kit is a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations and designed especially for composite layering.

The LM Arte instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a group of passionate dentists specialised in aesthetic restorative dentistry under the #whiteology field of study.

Each instrument is colour-coded and named by its main function to enable easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments.

The instruments are made of high-quality LM-DuraGradeMax supersteel with exceptional polish and the classic ergonomic handle design, functions well in all clinical procedures and guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity.

The LM-Arte Applica is a very thin and flexible spatula for transporting and modelling the composite. The flexible working end sculpts gently and precisely composite layers imitating the natural shapes of the tooth. The thin tip of the Applica enables the modeling in narrow spaces or against the matrix band.

The LM-Arte Modella is an especially wide and fine spatula for modelling of composite. Suitable for large tooth surfaces such as buccal surfaces of the incisors. The wide spatula end effectively flattens the composite. The flexibility, delicacy and sharpness of the tip helps to create precise, aesthetic details. The spatula works well for applying the composite from a syringe.

The LM-Arte Condensa is a long and round plugger especially for modelling composite. The angulated shanks of the instrument enable unlimited access to all cavities. Condensa has both a thick and a thin tip which may be used in cavities of different sizes, in both anterior and posterior areas. The rounded working end enables a delicate condensation of composite without any risk of sticking.

The LM-Arte Fissura has a sharp pointed tips for modelling of occlusal surface structures. The conical tip is perfect for sculpting, with only one instrument, the anatomy of occlusal area of the posterior teeth. The fine, probe shaped tip is optimal for modeling fissures and mamelons as well as for layering characterisation composites and sealants. The flexibility of the LM Arte Fissura allows you to to gently remove excess resins from the surface of the tooth.

The LM-Arte Misura measures horizontal and vertical thicknesses of composite layers on the restorations. After the layering but before the polymerisation of the dentine composite, the thinner, conical shaped tip is placed on the natural tooth enamel. This way the unpolymerised composite remaining under the conical tip will be gently modeled, leaving an optimal space for enamel composite layer. The thicker, short tip of the Misura is placed horizontally on the margin of the prepared cavity so that the edge of the tip remains on the original enamel. This determines the right amount of transparent composite to apply on the finishing line. As a result, the final aesthetic restoration consists of correctly calibrated opaque and translucent composites, preventing the unpleasant grey effect of the composites.

The LM-Arte Eccesso is for the removal of composite and bonding residue. The special angulated working ends of the Eccesso are ideal for excess removal from cervical anterior and interproximal molar areas. This fine but solid instrument is characterised by an optimised length, thickness and width of the blade.

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