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Join Jen Dix at lunchtime to find out more about Reveal® clear aligners and why you should add this treatment to your practice offering. With a live Q&A session from Dr Charlie Brandon, Dental Beauty Greenhithe!

This course will look at cosmetic dental issues that are of particular concern to our teenage and young adult patients: tooth color and staining issues, post orthodontic refinement of smiles, spacing and crowding, misshapen teeth, and soft tissue considerations. Conservative options and step-by-step treatment will be discussed for direct composite bonding, direct composite veneers, and minimal prep indirect veneers.

Following Part I, Part II will help clinicians understand difficult direct restorations, such as Class IVs and Class IIIs, in order to treat them more efficiently. The optical phenomena of light interaction between the margin of dental enamel and composite will be thoroughly explained, allowing clinicians to prevent and treat the dreaded glass effect among other problems usually faced in that region.