Composite Veneers – The Predictable Way – Liverpool

Composite Veneers – The Predictable Way with Dr Robbie Hughes

Course Overview:

Learn the workflow that allows both dentists and therapists to  deliver beautiful composite veneers every time, no matter the level of experience

About Dr. Hughes

Dr Hughes is Principal of Dental Excellence UK, a renowned Smile Makeover Centre in Liverpool

Why should you attend the course?

– You don’t regularly do composite veneers

We all know that practice makes perfect, but if you don’t get the opportunity to treat smile makeover cases every day those skills can get quickly dissipate. You want more cases, so you want more before and afters to show patients, but because you’ve not completed that many, when you do the results are not as outstanding as you would like.

– You’re a therapist wanting to expand you skillset

You’re tired of limiting yourself to hygiene appointments and the occasional filling on prescription. You want to develop your career into something which you can take more enjoyment from and is more financially lucrative. Imagine bringing digital dentistry and smile makeovers into your daily routine

– You’re a principal wanting to delegate

You need more time to focus on business growth and development, but you’re stuck in surgery more often than you would like. By bringing your clinical team to the course you can begin to pass over cases without fear, safe in the knowledge that they will provide beautiful and predictable results, every time.

Course Schedule

Day 1


–  The Patient Journey

–  Data Acquisition for Digital Smile Design Planning

– Photography and Video Protocols

– Intraoral Scanning and Utlising Smile Design Apps (hands on)


– Lab Communication in Preparation for a Smile Makeover Mock Up

– Introduction to the ejection Mould Technique – Predictability and Reproducability of the Workflow

– Difficult Cases – The Invasive Mock Up to Guide Minimal Areas of Preparation When Necessary

– Live Patient – The Motivational Mock Up

Day 2


– Hands On Mock Up & Injection Mould

– Live Patient – Over the Shoulder


– Introducing Difficult Cases, Tooth Wear and Rehabilitations.

– Short Term Stabilisation Using Injection Mould Technique, Digital Technology and 3 Step Approach


31st May – 1st June 2019


Avant Garde Dentistry – 138 Banks Road, Garston, Liverpool, L19 2RF, United Kingdom




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