Two Day Advanced Tooth Whitening Course with Dr. Linda Greenwall

Primary Aim:

The aim of the advanced tooth whitening course is to provide dental professionals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake all aspects of tooth whitening, relating to the GDC scope of practice. Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists are all welcome to attend.

Course Summary:

The first day is theory, covering in detail all aspects of tooth whitening in-line with the EU directive, including treatment planning, how whitening works, home and in-surgery tooth whitening, internal bleaching and microabrasion. The second day is hands-on with delegates having the opportunity to practice taking alginate impressions, pouring and casting models to make trays and practicing the isolation for in-surgery whitening techniques and microabrasion.

Main Session Objectives:

At the end of the session the students will be able to:

– Perform a comprehensive examination, diagnose and treatment plan for prior tooth whitening treatment.

– Discuss how tooth whitening works

– Identify the types and causes of enamel discolouration which could affect the outcome of the treatment.

– Design a suitable prescription template

– List the causes and strategies for successfully managing sensitivity

– Explain the types of tooth whitening treatments available and recommend the most appropriate treatment

– Demonstrate a safe and effective method for taking alginate impressions

– Practice taking and recording the shade of the teeth

– Apply home whitening gel safely into the patient’s trays.

– Perform in-surgery isolation safely

– Demonstrate the use of microabrasion techniques

Advanced Tooth Whitening Course Dates:

Thursday 17th & Friday 18th January 2019

Thursday 23rd May & Friday 24th May

Thursday 7th & Friday 8th November 2019


The two-day course is held at Linda Greenwall’s dental practice in Hampstead, London.


The course fee is £750.00 (inc. VAT) which includes all course materials and refreshments for the day.

Verifiable CPD:

This independent course is non-bias and evidence based, and kindly supported by Optident.

Courses are 12 hours verifiable CPD meeting all the GDC’s development outcomes for enhanced CPD. Accredited by the British Dental Bleaching Society (BDBS)

Additional contact details:

Please contact Diane Rochford if you would like a registration form or have any questions regarding the course. Tel. 0207 267 7070 or email diane@hampsteadhealthcare.com  website: www.lindagreenwall.co.uk

Please Note: Tooth whitening courses are specifically for qualified and GDC registered Dentists, Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists


Dr. Linda Greenwall


Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Specialist in Prosthodontics