Lasers in Dentistry: Current Concepts – London

Course Overview

This course offers an overview of the many highly useful clinical applications of lasers in the dental practice.

Aimed at both general dentists as well as specialist practitioners in oral surgery, periodontics and orthodontics. This course will also be of interest to hygiene therapists interested in optimising treatment outcomes as well as offering a new approach to managing children and patients with special needs.

After an initial safety briefing this is primarily a clinical course with many examples of common management solutions to difficult to resolve clinical situations. For example: reduction of post treatment pain and improved wound healing including medically compromised patients. Excellent soft tissue control including the arrest of bleeding and as an aid to standard and digital impressioning. Aesthetic dentistry: includes crown lengthening surgery (hard and soft tissues) with minimal trauma. The adjunctive use of lasers to optimise the resolution of chronic periodontal and peri-implant infections. The many uses of lasers in implant surgery: stage two exposures, management of emergence profiles, hard tissue management including bone grafts, splitting ridges, sinus lifts and osteotomy for implant placement. Endodontics including apical surgery as well as effective decontamination of badly infected root canal systems. Orthodontics: exposure of buried teeth, frenectomy, removal of hyperplastic tissues, pain management and orthodontic tooth movement acceleration. Plus, much more: dentine sensitivity management, pain management in TMD, photobiomodulation to improve local tissue perfusion and drainage. The devices discussed include both diode (soft tissue only) and erbium (all tissue) lasers.

Speaker Biography

Dr Mark Cronshaw is a highly experienced International laser instructor with his own busy private practice in the UK. As an academic contract professor he is involved in teaching the master of science programme at the University of Genoa as well as being involved in lecturing and instructing on clinical laser use Worldwide. Dr Cronshaw has written many articles on the clinical applications of lasers in dentistry and he is actively involved in continued research. His clinical interests are in aesthetic dentistry, holistic dental care, minimally invasive dentistry as well as the application of laser therapy as an adjunct to tissue regeneration in periodontics and surgery.

Subjects Covered

– Safety aspects of clinical laser use

– Pain and inflammation management

– Resolution of chronic infections and optimised wound healing

– Soft tissue management

– Hard tissue management (bone, enamel, dentine)

– Oral surgery: socket preservation techniques & optimised wound healing

– Oral medicine (herpetic lesions, aphthae, lichen planus, angular cheilitis)

– Oncology: management and mitigation of oral mucositis associated with chemotherapy & HNRT

– Orthodontics

– Periodontology

Learning Objectives

– Safe and efficient use of lasers in clinical daily care

– Update on the very many useful applications of lasers in general and specialist care

– Primer and update on post graduate training to comply with current GDC and CQC regulations

CPD Hours & Development Outcomes

6.5 hours verifiable CPD

Fulfils requires of the GDC for development outcomes A&C

Course Fee

£390 + VAT

Dates, Location & Booking 

18th May 2019

Location – Moorpark Specialist Dental Centre, 10 Main Avenue, Moor Park Northwood, Middlesex, London HA6 2HJ

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