WCLI – Certified Training Course – Germany

Who should attend

New or existing Waterlase dentists who are looking to increase patient retention and attract new patients by offering more gentle dentistry. The perfect learning experience for those looking to learn new techniques to make their laser investment more fun & profitable for the entire team.

Course Overview:

This two-day, live course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of laser-assisted dentistry, with the goal of providing the core concepts needed to integrate an all-tissue laser into your practice for success from day one. Curriculum will include emphasis on the basics of laser physics, laser energy and safety, practice implantation and core laser procedures including:

– Homeostasis Reduction of Bleeding & Soft Tissue Biopsy

– Class I & V Cavity Preparations

– Procedures to manage periodontitis and perio-implantitis

– Gingivectomy/Gingival Recontouring

– Frenectomy/CSF

– Osseous Crown Lengthening

– Endo Decontamination

Course Objectives:

– Develop a user-friendly understanding of the fundamentals of laser physics and their clinical applications to both hard and soft tissue in dental surgical procedures

– Explore the various adjustable parameters and versatility of Waterlase technology and their clinical effects on soft and hard tissue

– Learn the necessary operational aspects to ensure proper laser function while remaining efficient with clinical time management

– Receive advice from an experienced clinician with respect to managing supply cost, laser supply management, patient treatment acceptance, and practice integration


Register today at www.wcli.org/berlinctc


Contact your local BIOLASE distributor or email international@biolase.com


Marina Polonsky, DDS Dr. Marina Polonsky is a Dean’s Gold Medal graduate from University of Toronto, Canada, 1999. She maintains a private general practice in Ottawa, Canada with focus on multidisciplinary laser-assisted treatment approach. Dr. Polonsky holds Mastership with WCLI, Mastership and Lecturer status with ALD, Master of Science degree in Laser Dentistry from RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. She is a peer reviewer for Lasers in Dental Science Journal and General and Laser Dentistry editor for Oral Health Journal. Dr. Polonsky is a founder of Canadian Dental Laser Institute and teaches introductory laser courses, live laser demonstrations, laser safety courses and certification courses in diode and erbium lasers.

Course Details

Friday, 29 November 2019, 8:30AM – 5PM

Saturday, 30 November 2019, 8:30AM – 5PM


Berlin Marriott Hotel Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1 Berlin, 10785 Germany +49 30 220000

Tuition Cost

$4,000.00 USD

Use promo code BER5j7at   to reduce the tuition to $1,500!

Please note: Any customer who purchases a new iPlus or MDX from July 1st 2019 to November 20th 2019 (the iPlus or MDX unit must be delivered from Biolase during this period) may get a free tuition while space is available.