A104 HD Canine Mesial Matrices

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25 x A104 HD Canine Mesial Matrices

The A104 HD Canine Mesial Matrices have less curvature than the diastema closure matrices and are used for everyday restorative dentistry as well as in aesthetic treatments where small spaces need to be filled.

The Bioclear HD Anterior matrices, like traditional Bioclear Anterior Matrices, allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry but are stiffer than traditional matrices, and so, are easier to place. Just like the Biofit HD matrices, these matrices are made from 75 µ Mylar.

They have all of the same advantages of traditional Bioclear Anterior.

The anatomic shape allows for predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile. When closing small spaces with a full contact, the matrix is easily used wedge free. When placed into the sulcus, the matrix is stabilised and marginally sealed by the papilla.

They also allow for injection/placement of composite into the embrasure without fear of leaving an overhanging margin. The Bioclear Matrix leaves the interproximal composite smooth and properly contoured.

Bioclear Matrix Anterior Matrices allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry.

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