Air-N-Go Classic Powder Assorted Pack

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1 x 250g Classic Cola Powder
1 x 250g Classic Raspberry Powder
1 x 250g Classic Peppermint Powder
1 x 250g Classic Lemon Powder

The Air n Go Classic Powder is a 76µm Sodium Bicarbonate-based powder that has been specially designed and studied to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces.

It removes coloured stains and bacterial plaque, even in areas that are difficult to access such as pits and fissures.

It is gentle and efficient with minimal bleeding during treatment, improving patient comfort

All the powders are compatible with the Air n Go easy, no change of handpiece is required.

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– Sodium Bicarbonate-based (76µm).
– 4 fresh flavours based on 100% natural aromas or essential oils – Cola, Raspberry, Peppermint and Lemon
– Remove stains and bacterial plaque
– Better patient comfort: gentle and efficient with limited bleeding during treatment.

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