Air-N-Go Midwest

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1 x ANG Easy handpiece
1 x Midwest adapter
2 x Supra 120° nozzles
2 x Autoclavable Front Bodies
1 x Intro kit of 10 multiflavor sticks of Classic Powder
1 x Maintenance kit (silicone grease syringe, 3 brushes, spare o-rings, syringe, cannula and 2 probes)

All clinical applications are easy with the all-in-one air polisher

The Air-N-Go Midwest is a dual air polisher, suitable for both Supra and Perio applications, ideal for prophylaxis, periodontal and implant treatments.

Combining water, air and powder easily, the results from using the Air N Go provides continuous, accurate and controlled spray whatever you are using it for.

AIR N GO powders have been specially researched and designed to produce effective treatment that is gentle on all treated surfaces.

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– Fast start-up: direct connection to the high-speed handpiece connector
– Thin and well-balanced
– 360° rotation, fast and accurate treatment of areas requiring care
– Easier cleaning of the handpiece: main parts can be dismantled
– SUPRA nozzle for any supra-gingival prophylactic treatment in combination with AIR-N-GO CLASSIC powders
– PERIO nozzle to be used with “PERIO” powder
– PERIO Maintenance for the maintenance phase
– PERIO easy for easy sub-gingival insertion
– PERIO dedicated to deep pockets (laser mark every 3mm)


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