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1 x 6ml Bottle All Bond 2 Primer B

All-Bond 2 Primer B is part of the original 4th Generation adhesive, which is still unsurpassed in its comprehensive ability to bond to materials such as dentin, enamel, new or old composite, precious, semi-precious and non-precious casting alloys, silane-treated porcelain and new or old amalgam.

One of All-Bond 2’s unique features is the exceptional hydrophilic property of its primers (BPDM), which is an extremely effective wetting agents and co-polymerising monomers. Wetting of the dentine, dentine tubules and interaction with the dentine substrate readily occurs when the smear layer is removed, creating a sealed dentine surface ready to adhere to restorative materials.

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View the full range of Bisco Products

– The GOLD Standard legendary universal 3-step adhesive is unsurpassed in its comprehensive ability to bond to a multitude of substrates
– Compatible with light-, self- and dual-cured materials
– Combination of primers with D/E (Dentin/Enamel) Resin ensures the highest bond strength on the market
– A dual-cured material designed for use in all bonding procedures
– Proven clinically in over 200 research articles
– Over 20 years of proven efficacy
– Can be used for bonding amalgams

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