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4 x 40g AquaCare Sylc Powder

Powered by Novamin, the AquaCare Sylc Powder is a calcium sodium phosphosilicate powder, which is a highly biocompatible material composed of elements that occur naturally in the body’s hard tissues (Ca, Na, Si, P, and O). When exposed to an aqueous environment, Sylc undergoes a rapid surface reaction, allowing it to physically adhere to exposed dentin and to physically occlude tubules. Within a short period of time, essentially all of the Sylc reacts to form hydroxycarbonate apatite (HCA), which is chemically similar to natural tooth mineral.

It is designed to offer an ability to remove stain, plaque, biofilm and remineralise efficiently without the soft tissue sensitivity often associated with the crystalline structure of Sodium Bicarbonate. The process starts immediately and takes effect over the following 24 hours. This means that during the stain removal procedure, open dentine tubules are occluded with HCA. This gives a much longer-term desensitising effect than can be obtained with Sodium Bicarbonate, which is water soluble.

In addition to the clinical benefits of cleaning, desensitising and protection, AquaCare Sylc offers an easy, pleasant experience for both you and your patients. As a Silica based product there is no salty taste as there is with Sodium Bicarbonate. Sylc is a rounder, harder particle when compared to Sodium Bicarbonate making stain removal much more efficient at the same air pressures.

Sylc has been specially formulated with excellent flow properties to be kinder to your patients by reducing irritation during application.

The Sylc powder lightens the tooth surface restoring its natural pearlessence. The Sylc powder also removes more coffee, tobacco and betelnut stains in a shorter period of time. It is also great at removing remnants of orthodontic resin and polishes at the same time.

Due to its properties as a bioglass, Sylc will only remove stain and damaged tooth material, leaving healthy tooth material intact.

Use Sylc after creating the cavity ready for bonding to give a treated surface perfect retention.

AquaCare has been designed so that it works perfectly and allows for the widest range of dental cases. The unique self-contained cartridge system allows for two chambers (with the twin unit) to be ready for use at any time, multiplying your options to adapt to any case or situation. It takes just one second to switch.

The cartridge has an inbuilt feed system that eliminates blocking. It also allows for fast, efficient no mess changes between materials and avoids mixing and possible contamination of the powders. Each cartridge has a unique colour for each powder, so you can quickly identify the media you wish to use.

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Sylc is clinically proven for the following uses:

– Treatment of dental hypersensitivity
– Fast removal of extrinsic stains, e.g. coffee, tea and tobacco
– Surface preparation prior to bonding and sealants
– Before and after scaling and root planing procedure to reduce sensitivity
– Prophylaxis of orthodontic patients
– Plaque removal prior to fluoride treatments
– Pre and post whitening treatments
” Recover natural pearlesence and improve whiteness by 3-4 Vita shades

– Superdry Powder
– Built-in flow control
– User-friendly with easy colour code cartridges
– Quality assured
– Multidisciplinary range

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