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3 x Pre-Polisher Small
3 x Pre-Polisher Large
3 x Final High Shine Polisher Small
3 x Final High Shine Polisher Large

The ASAP Assorted Starter Kit Is the All Surface Access Polishers from CLINICIAN’S CHOICE.

One Shape, All Access, Unlimited Shine.

Most dentists find it takes time to obtain a high shine polish on their restorations and can be frustrated using multiple steps, polishing paste or having multiple systems. The A.S.A.P All Surface Access Polishers are the ideal solution.

These diamond-impregnated, flexible polishing spirals address all anatomy (hence only one shape required) and produce a high gloss result in under a minute. Additionally these polishers are very durable and can withstand multiple autoclave cycles.

The ideal polish provides life-like vitality to your aesthetic restorations and promotes restorative longevity, prevents staining and improves tissue health along the margins. The clinical challenge has always been how to access all tooth surfaces and create a great polish, quickly. Most dentists don’t have time to reach the ultimate polish and get frustrated using multiple steps, polishing paste or having multiple systems. ASAP will help you achieve your best case scenario, fast, in as little as 60 seconds.

The ASAP polishes provide the ultimate high shine, in less than a minute, with only one shape. These diamond-impregnated, flexible polishing spirals are designed for optimal adaptation to any surface, including difficult to reach areas, such as interproximal surfaces, and are ideal for use on all composite surfaces, most ceramics and zirconia, lithium disilicate, provisional materials and resin glass modified ionomers.

ASAP Pre-Polisher
Embedded with diamond particles (44 microns), the ASAP Pre-Polisher (purple) gently diminishes small surface defects, without affecting anatomy, and prepares the surface for a final high gloss polish.

ASAP Final High Shine Polisher
The second step to this time-saving technique is to apply light pressure in a circular motion over the restoration to create a smooth, final high lustre surface. Each ASAP Final High Shine Polisher (orange) is embedded with small, 3-5-micron sized diamond particles to provide a life-like polish in as little as 20 seconds.

Autoclavable 30 times or more, A.S.A.P. Polishers are designed to withstand wear while providing an efficient and consistent polish use after use. They are available in both a small (10mm) for pedodontic restorations and patients with limited access and large (14mm).

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