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3 x ASAP Pre Polisher Small

The ASAP Pre Polisher Small are embedded with diamond particles (44 microns), the ASAP Pre-Polisher gently diminishes small surface defects, without affecting anatomy, and prepares the surface for a final high gloss polish.

Autoclavable 30 times or more, ASAP Polishers are designed to withstand wear while providing an efficient and consistent polish use after use.

The ASAP polishes provide the ultimate high shine, in less than a minute, with only one shape. These diamond-impregnated, flexible polishing spirals are designed for optimal adaptation to any surface, including difficult to reach areas, such as interproximal surfaces, and are ideal for use on all composite surfaces, most ceramics and zirconia, lithium disilicate, provisional materials and resin glass modified ionomers.

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– Available in both a small (10mm) for pedodontic restorations and patients with limited access and large (14mm).

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