B-Lok Flat Tray Vibrant Yellow

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1 x B-Lok Flat Tray Vibrant Yellow

Dimensions: 33.97cm x 24.45cm x 2.22cm

The exclusive lock-on feature from Zirc provides an excellent method of infection control and safety when transporting contaminated items from operatiry to sterlisation area.

Zirc products are produces with a built-in anti-microbial agent. Essentially it helps the Zirc products to remain cleaner between cleanings, providing an extra level of protection and reassurance.

The B-Lok Tray and locking cover work together to give the user the most efficient method of infection control. After the instruments and items have been sterilised, putting them in a tray with a locking cover keeps instruments/materials protected until they are ready for the procedure.

After a procedure, the contaminated instruments and items may be put back into the tray with a locking cover to help prevent cross-contamination and provide safe transportation back to the sterilisation area.

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– Has wide easy to grip edges and non-slip feet for stability
– Self-lubricating, high-gloss surface the helps prevent staining
– Contains Antimicrobial Protection
– Surface Disinfect
– Washer-disinfect
– Available in 6 neon colours: Blue, yellow, Green, Ornage, Purple & Pink

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