BA Ultimate UC500L Scaler and Air Polisher

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1 x UC500L Unit
4 x handpieces
14 x tips
2 x boxes of Ulticlean Powder
1 x torque wrench
1 x sterilisation boxes
1 x cleaning needle
1 x compressor connectors

Modern approach for prevention, cleaning and minimally invasive prophylaxis treatments.

The elliptical vibration trajectory of the scaler can achieve 0° angle operation between the tip and the tooth surface, enabling the polishing effect. This disperses the impact force between the tip and the teeth to achieve more comfortable scaling.

Air polishing is less harsh on the tooth enamel with minimal abrasion when compared to conventional scaling and polishing techniques.

The Ulticlean powder range includes a perio powder that allows for subgingival cleaning which helps to protect the soft tissue surface.

Efficient and comfortable treatment makes it a more pleasant experience for patients.

– Air Polishing
– Periodontal Treatment
– Endodontic Treatment
– Implant Maintenance
– Efficient and Comfortable Plaque Removal

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