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4 x BacterX pro without Alcohol 1000 ml

The BACTERX PRO, provides dental professionals with an effective solution for reducing the number of viable bacteria and viruses in aerosols released during dental procedures.

Available scientific studies suggest that the use of a suitable mouth rinse reduces the bacterial and viral load in the oral cavity. We therefore recommend patients rinse before dental treatment to minimise the exposure of the dental team to contaminated droplets and aerosols.

The pleasant tasting formula has been specifically designed for use before surgical, restorative and prophylaxis treatments, catering to almost all patient types. BACTERX PRO can also be used in combination with the PIEZON PS Instrument during scaling procedures by adding the recommended dose to the bottle of your ultrasonic scaler (Warning: rinse the bottle and unit’s waterlines after use).

BACTERX PRO is the first step in the modern professional teeth cleaning Guided Biofilm Therapy Protocol (GBT). GBT is an evidence-based, indication-orientated, systematic, modular prevention or prophylaxis and therapy protocol for all dental applications.


Chlorhexidine Digluconate (CHX) 0.1%
Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) 0.05%
Sodium Fluoride 0.01% (Fluoride 0.005%)

– Reduces bacterial & viral count in aerosols
– Combats oral biofilm and caries
– Promotes healthy teeth and a fresh breath
– Pleasant taste
– Available without alcohol only

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