Biofit Clear Posterior Matrix Kit

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25 x Biofit Blue 4.5
25 x Biofit Blue 5.5
25 x Biofit Blue 6.5
25 x Biofit HD 4.5
25 x Biofit HD 5.5
25 x Biofit HD 6.5
16 x Diamond Wedge Small
16 x Diamond Wedge Medium
16 x Diamond Wedge Large
16 x Diamond Wedge Extra Large
16 x Diamond Wedge Deep Caries
1 x Twin Ring Molar
1 x Twin Ring Pre-Molar
1 x Twin Ring Forceps
1 x Matrix Pliers
Interdental “black triangles” were rated as the third most disliked aesthetic problem below caries and crown margins

Quickly treat black triangles using the anatomic Bioclear Matrix*


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