Mini Biofit HD Posterior Kit

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25 x Biofit HD Molar 4.5mm
25 x Biofit HD Molar 5.5mm
25 x Biofit HD Molar 6.5mm

The Mini Biofit HD Posterior Kit introduces matrix technology and designs that ensure ideal tooth contours.

Formed with translucent white 76 µ mylar, the stiffer mylar and placement tab provides a rigid structure that makes the matrix easy to place while the translucence of the mylar allows ample light to pass through for thorough light curing. Mylar matrices also leave the composite more polished and contoured than traditional metal matrices which leave a more matte finish.

In addition, the shape of the Biofit matrices offers 30% more buccal/lingual and occlusal wrap than traditional matrices and will be appropriate for 75% of all posterior molar cases.

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