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1 x Ceramic Tissue Trimmer

Ceramic Tissue Trimmer is a rotating instrument that can often replace both electro-surgery and surgical blades as well as the use of retraction cord.

To be applied without water spray in the air turbine handpiece under full speed and operated with small brush depicting movements.

Secures a nice and gentle cut while the heat development creates a good haemostasis, minimal bleeding and the risk of necrosis is virtually eliminated. The kinetic energy causes a heat-coagulating effect without ‘burning’ the tissue and can be used without any water/spray/cooling.

The ceramic point is made from a hard biocompatible oxide material. Can be sterilised by any method (max 135°C/275°F).

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– Gingival modelling
– Freeing deep cavities
– Laceration of interradicular granulation tissue
– Papillectomy/removal of hyperplastic gingiva
– Exposure of intraosseous implant sections and retinated teeth.

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