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1 x 2g syringe

Choice 2 is a light-cured luting cement designed specifically for cementation of porcelain and composite veneers. Choice 2 exhibits color stability which is a critical factor in esthetic veneer cementation.

Choice 2 is an accurately shade-matched porcelain cementation system with 10 shades, matching try-in pastes (where required) and a revolutionary 2-part silane and porcelain wetting resin for the optimum adhesive strength.

Developed by Dr Nasser Barghi, Choice 2 has a Delta Index* previously unmatched by any other porcelain adhesive system for complete colour stability. *(Delta Index is a measurement of short-term and long-term colour change. Further information available on file).
Choice 2 is camphorquinone-based and is therefore compatible for use with all curing lights, including LED’s.

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