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2 x 1.5g Syringe Composite Modelling Resin
20 x Black Disposable Syringe Tips

Composite Modeling Resin is a light-curable, low viscosity microfilled resin (30% by weight), designed for use as a composite sculpting resin.

By wetting your instrument with Composite Modeling Resin, you can facilitate the placement and sculpting of all direct composite restorations without the worries of having the composite stick to the instrument.

Unlike adhesives, Composite Modeling Resin contains no solvent and is HEMA-free, so it will enhance composite placement without weakening the restoration.

Modelling Resin is a light-cured, low viscosity microfilled resin for use as a composite sculpting resin. The properties of composite naturally lend itself to stick to your instrument. Modelling Resin overcomes this aggravating tackiness and was developed to aid in the placement and shaping of your composites. By wetting your instrument, Modelling Resin can be used to place and sculpt all of your direct composite restorations.

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