Curette Columbia 13/14 XP Resin Blue

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This Curette Columbia from American Eagle is shorter, more curved and has a slightly broader blade than Barnhart 5-6; adapts to concavities of roots in shallow pockets. The rounded toe is used to remove lingual anterior stains. This instrument is surface engineered with patented sharpen free XP Technology.

Resin Blue Handle
American Eagle have produced a unique and outstanding technology for coating and strengthening instruments, making even the thinnest blade stay sharp up to 250 times longer than an average hand instrument.

American Eagle XP instruments NEVER need sharpening and yet have the same life span of any other instrument. The XP instruments make use of a nano technology whereby the surface of the instrument is microscopically infiltrated with a coating that significantly increases the strength of the stainless steel tips.

Still the number one choice of hand instruments, the lightweight, easy grip handles provide tactile sensitivity when root planing. XP allows you to gently plane off calculus with no force required as it slices through effortlessly with each stroke.

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– Plasmatised surface produces a thinner edge, sharp enough to slice off calculus rather than chipping or scraping.
– Aerospace engineering allows XP instruments to be thinner and sharper from the start.
– Wide, light handle provides tactile sensitivity and less hand fatigue.

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