DC203 Anterior HD DC Small Incisor 25pk

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The Bioclear HD Diastema Closure matrices, like traditional Bioclear Diastema Closure Matrices, allow for a modern approach to composite dentistry but are stiffer than traditional matrices, and so, are easier to place. Just like the Biofit HD matrices, these matrices are made from 75 µ Mylar.

They have all of the same advantages of traditional Bioclear Diastema Closure Matrices, including predictable restoration or change of a tooth’s emergence profile;

A shape which allows for injection/placement of composite into the embrasure without fear of leaving an overhanging margin, a mylar finish which leaves the interproximal composite smooth and properly contoured and a shape that creates firm stabilisation and full marginal seal when seated into the sulcus which make them easy to use wedge free when closing small spaces with a full contact.


25 x DC203 Anterior HD Diastema Closure Small Incisor
The Diastema Closure Matrices have more curvature than the Anterior Matrices and are used in aesthetic treatments where large spaces need to be filled.

Combining papilla regeneration with space closure is the key to optimal diastema closure.


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