Universal Dentine Sealant

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4 x 1.2ml Universal Dentin Sealant syringes

Universal Dentin Sealant is a biocompatible, nonpolymerisable, high-molecular-weight resin in a volatile organic solvent.

When it’s painted on sensitive roots or exposed dentin, it seals tubules and reduces discomfort after root planing or heavy scaling.

It also protects from irritating resins, acids, and restoratives. A virtually impenetrable barrier remains for months after application.

Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant is used to seal dentin tubules against irritating resins, acids, cements, restoratives, etc. It is also indicated for use as a conventional cavity varnish under amalgam as well as preventing root sensitivity following scaling, root planing, etc.

– Quick application – paint and dry
– Great for hygienists’ “tool box”
– Ideal following scaling and root planing


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