Diamond Polish Mint 0.5M

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2 x 1.2ml syringes

The Diamond Polish Mint 0.5M is a diamond polishing paste used for unbeatable shine on porcelain or composite surfaces.

It contains microcrystalline diamond particles for polishing with unsurpassed aesthetic results when used with the Jiffy Brushes.

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Available in two microcrystalline diamond polishes. Use to obtain unsurpassed polish on porcelain or composite restorations.

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– High-grade white microcrystalline diamond particles
– Unsurpassed esthetic polish
– Ideal for porcelain or composite restorations
– For use with Jiffy brushes
– Mint flavored
– Microcrystalline diamond particles provide unsurpassed polishing.
– Recommended with Jiffy Goat Hair brushes and felt wheels.

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