DualForce Active Wedge Kit

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200 x Active Wedges in total
40 x #1 (Purple)
40 x #2 (White)
40 x #3 (Blue)
40 x #4 (Green)
40 x #5 (Black)

The DualForce Active Wedge Kit actively engage the matrix band and adjacent tooth.

Active Wedges are designed to easily glide into position with a collapsing tip that re-opens once fully placed.

The Active Wedge ideal contour and strong internal spine, places significant force on the Ultra Wrap Matrix band to seal margins, eliminate overhangs and reduce composite flash resulting in less finishing time.

– Ideal contour to provide matrix/wedge/tooth seal to minimise flash and eliminate overhangs
– Collapsing tip for easy placement, rebounds when fully seated – preventing back-out
– Provides 2lbs of separation force
– Strong internal spine creates tooth separation, increases seal at proximal box
– Notched handle to match cotton pliers
– Available in 5 ISO colour coded sizes, including #5 “Deep Seal” Wedge

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