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1 x Dual-Syringe (8g)

Duo-Link Universal Shade Universal is perfect for reliable, high strength cementation with easy clean-up!

Duo-Link Universal is specially formulated for cementation of ALL indirect restorations. It is available in two esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White. Duo-Link Universal cement offers the ideal viscosity and provides all of the desired properties for universal cementation: high radiopacity, excellent mechanical and bond strengths, low film thickness, and easy clean-up.

Duo-Link Universal is compatible with all dental materials, however when coupled with Bisco’s All-Bond Universal light-cured adhesive, Z Prime Plus and Porcelain Primer it is the ultimate product combination for all indirect restorations.

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View the full range of Bisco Products

– Easily identified on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis
– Ideal for all CAD/CAM restorations
– Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated
– Available in two esthetic shades, Universal and Milky White
– Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste
– Formulated to allow for quick and easy removal of excess cement
– Extremely high degree of conversion in both light- and self-cured modes ensures a strong, long lasting restoration

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