Ease-It Thermo Block 16mm

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1 x Ease-It Thermo Block 16mm

The Ease-It Thermo Block 16mm is designed for up to 7 composite syringes at one end – and when you turn it around, the design matches capsules.

To be placed on Ease-It Composite Heater. The Ease-It Thermo Block can be removed from the heating unit and placed at work site. In room terature, the Ease-It Thermo block will maintain the temperature for 10-15min.

Highly viscous composites can be difficult to extrude from unit-dose tips and composite syringes.

EASE-IT resolves this problem by warming up the composite to 40 degrees C. This will improve the handling properties of the composite and make it easy to sculpt in the cavity.
The containers can be removed from the heating unit and placed at work site. At room temperature, they will retain the temperature of the composite for at least 10-15 minutes.
Available as a complete package or alternatively, parts can be ordered separately according to individual needs.

Repetitive and even prolonged heating at the given temperature has no negative impact on the composite material or change of degree of conversion.

*Result of lab test carried out by the Dept. of Dental Materials, Royal University of Copenhagen.

– Improves the flowability and facilitates the adaption in thin layers and in small cavities
– Gives even ‘grainy’ materials a smooth and uniform consistency
– Reduces the risk of creating air pockets under the restoration or incorporating air bubbles in the filling material
– Heating unit with electronic control of temperature to a max.40 degrees C. An LED will indicate this temperature after just 5 minutes
– Syringe container for up to 7 composite syringes
– Mixing Jar non-stick, Teflon coated, for softening composites placed directly in the jar. The lid with photo-bloc filter (400-500nm) prevents premature curing of composite

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