EdgeFill Obturator EdgeTaper Size F2 (25)

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6 x EdgeFill Obturator EdgeTaper Size F2 (25)

EdgeFill thermal obturators are designed to allow more practitioners the chance to step up, to the latest in endodontic technique, without lowering your margin. If you already use obturators, then EdgeFill can seamlessly fit with the system you already use, but at half the cost, of what you are used to paying. EdgeFill obturator’s are easy-to-use, featuring a new level of precision, performance and radiopacity.


EdgeFile X1, EdgeFile X3, EdgeFile X5, EdgeFile X7, EdgeTaper, EdgeTaper Platinum, EdgeSequel Sapphire and EdgeOne Fire

You can use EdgeFill, to fill cases shaped by any popular file (including: WaveOne, ProTaper, GT or GT Series X, Vortex, ProFile, Sequence, K3, or TF File) — to provide great, beautiful fills. It will fill all tip sizes and tapers (.04, .06, .08, .10), from size 20 to size 50 and in 25mm. You can also use the same settings on your current Thermal Obturator oven.

Use your fingers to stabilize the obturator and cut the obturator off at the orifice using a high speed hand-piece with a round bur, Prepi bur, or the bur you normally use to cut off the handle and shaft.

Heated alpha-phase gutta percha provides excellent 3-D fill
Precise coating for improved accuracy and easier cleanup
ISO-sized for system versatility
– Extremely radiopaque and easy to use plastic carrier
– Compatible for use in leading oven brands
– Calibration rings designed for easy working length determination
– New size verifiers match obturators and confirm precise sizing
– Works with Your Current System and Oven
– Easy to Remove Handle and Shaft

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